Pool Excavation

We at DNA Contract Services have many years of experience excavating spaces for concrete and fibreglass swimming pools in both the residential and commercial Sectors. We also offer excavation services for spas, lap pools, splash pools and ponds.

First, we remove all vegetation and top soil to expose the earth beneath. Our mini excavators and bobcats allow us to squeeze through the tightest of spaces, so we can access your pool area with minimal impact on your property. For larger spaces, we can upscale our equipment and team to complete the job faster.

When rock or hard material is found, our rock saws and hammers cut through sandstone, shale and concrete with precision, to create the exact shape you require. If you are replacing your swimming pool, we can demolish the old pool while cutting the shape for the new one, to help you save time and stay on budget.

With a range of modern trucks and equipment available, we can easily remove all soil and waste materials from the site and transport it to a waste facility on your behalf.

Once we have completed the excavation and your chosen swimming pool company have completed the installation, we will return to the property to check the levels to ensure your pool is installed correctly. By law, pool fencing must be installed at the site. We can complete this for you, or leave you to install this yourself.

If you want a pool then you need to get expert excavation help. Pool excavation must be done to precise measurements and specifications.

DNA Contract Services have the newest machinery to get the job done right and the best operators in the business. Our team of excavation experts are able to work with installers and suppliers to ensure excavation is perfect for your new pool.