Sediment Control

DNA Contract Services provide specialist sediment control services to New South Wales' major leading builders and construction companies throughout the Sydney region.

We erect our sediment fences to Australian Standards using specialised equipment that ensures the job is completed in a professional and efficient manner.

We hold all the necessary Public Liability, Work Cover and Personal Injury Insurances, hold Safety Certificates and have an up to date Risk Management Plan. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and superior service.

Most councils have requirements for the control and management of soil erosion and can issue on the spot fines if they find a builders in breach of these requirements. Ask your council for information if you are unsure of their requirements.

The objectives of sediment control are:

  • To divert uncontaminated water away from the site
  • To minimize erosion caused by site disturbance, stabilsing disturbed surfaces and securing material stockpiles.
  • To prevent sediment contaminated water leaving the site.

All supervisors and installers are full time DNA Contract Services employees and we do not use contractors to do our installations. This enables us to ensure our service, reliability and quality.